“New Rudder”, Eileen Eder

48th Annual Juried Exhibition and Sale

Accepted Works


Receiving of accepted works:  Saturday, August 5, 9:30 to 12 noon, in person only.


Name (First) Name (Last)


Ralph Acosta Technicolor
Troy Joseph Antoniewicz Fall Maple
Troy Joseph Antoniewicz Natural Light
Jay Babina Halibut Point, Gloucester, MA
Del-Bourree Bach Tidal Treasure
Gail Bell First Light- Symphony in Orange
Dina Belyayeva Unpacking for Spring Sailing
Joan Bernard Beach Rocks
Terry Bogan Three Peonies
Terry Bogan White Peony
Laura Carroll-Koch Surf’s Up
Denise Casey The Light in the Forest
Sandra Chase Rooftop
Harriet Cianci Moments in Amber Time
Harriet Cianci The Four Buddha’s
Kelly Clark Quench
Kelly Clark Steep
Mary Ann D’Ambruoso Beauty in Time
Mary Danenberg Caroline
Kathleen DeMeo Caught Up
Linda Boisvert DeStefanis Evening Glow
Robert Dietz Early Morning Flight
Ashley Donovan Portrait Series: Unknown Girl
Christine Drago Beaching It
Eileen Eder Interlocking Tower
Nilda Gagliardi Palm Cottage
Rose Mary Gates A Wave Waves
Judith Gay Belonging 1
Ted Genard The Messenger
Deborah Greco Misty Swamp
Deborah Greco Patch of Perennials
Hilary Griffin Stripes and Florals
Caroline Hajjar Duggan Salt marsh just before the rain
Eddie Hall Style
Melissa Imossi Crocus Rose
Ann Kelly Colorado River Bluffs
Sandra Kensler Rhododendren
Bruce Lighty The Chester Ferry
Crystal MacLean Second Summer
Thomas Mayer “After Mondrian ‘
Molly McDonald Time to Move
Judith Meyers Flotsam
Judith Meyers Meig’s Point Musings
Deanna Mozzochi Blue Iris
Jeanne OBrien Spider Mums
Jeanne OBrien Vedra et Fiori
Alicia Pena Mother Earth
Judy Perry Inner Strength
Judy Perry Surface Dance 2
Dorie Petrochko Petrochko Leafy Sea Dragons
Steven Plaziak Summer Stroll in Central Park
JoAnn Poulsen Green Apples
Jan Prentice Green Heron
AC Proctor Rettich Barns
Edith Reynolds The Oyster
Janine Robertson Lavender Haze
Kristine Schiavi LOOSLEY SPRING
Beverly Schirmeier Copper Glow
Elizabeth Scott All Citrus
Cheryl Sorensen Sunfish Regatta I
Lorelei Sowa December
Lorelei Sowa The Pasture
Marla Speer Garden Shed
Jacqueline Stella A Whale’s Tail
Viktoria Stockmal Utopian Paper
Len Swec Swec Pleased with Himselves
Ceal Swift Ready to Launch
Jennifer Thompson Wilder Ranch Clouds
Nikki Travaglino A Sailor’s Delight
Nikki Travaglino Buttercup Chrome
Melanie Ward Violet Sky Over Marsh
Sarah Warda The Lighthouse
Janet Warner Falling into place
Dinah Wells Cattail Pond in Winter
Dinah Wells East Pavillion Hammonassett
Alex Wetmore “Hammonasset Gulls”
Alex Wetmore “Onto The Beach”
Cheri Weymann The Susans
Karen Wiesner Family River Voyage
Karen Wiesner Sun Dappled
Kat Wilkes River Calm
Vickie Williams First Night of Vacation
Vickie Williams Red Onions
Jeanette Wimmer Proud Dad
Susan Winkel Hanging Out

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