About MAS

The Madison Art Society is dedicated to the promotion of the arts throughout the Connecticut shoreline. 


Art reflects the values and needs of the community it serves.  Madison Art Society’s purpose is to promote, sponsor and encourage excellence in the arts in our community, the schools and among its 250 members.

MAS provides support and exhibition opportunities for artists at all levels of experience in Madison and the surrounding towns.  It also works in collaboration with non-profit organizations and provides free educational demonstrations open to the public.  Over many years, MAS has held numerous art exhibitions and demonstrations at the E. Scranton Library.  All these art shows are very well attended.  We have donated over $20,000 in sales commissions to the library.

As a member of the Madison Chamber of Commerce, we encourage our artists to shop at nearby business establishments: as a non-profit organization, we return their continued interest in the arts with our own support.  

MAS Activities

  • Member shows
  • Shows juried by guest artists
  • Artist critiques
  • Outdoor shows and sales
  • Demonstrations and lectures
  • Student artist support
  • Shoreline Collective art activities
  • Town Hall exhibitions
  • Still life, portrait and plein air workshops
  • Open receptions for shows
  • Pot luck socials and business meetings

History of the MAS

In 1976 a small group of artists met to discuss the possibility of starting a new art organization that would give aspiring artists venues to show their work and to discuss and promote art for themselves as well as to educate the public. At the time, there were two art organizations currently on the shoreline, but they focused their effort toward professional artists. This fledgling group sought to offer aspiring artists venues where they could also display and possibly sell their artwork.

The first Member Show followed shortly after these meetings were held. Memory tells us that it was in an aging historical house in Madison. Our first Juried Show was held at Mercy Center.

Eventually however we aligned with the Scranton E. Memorial Library where we found a home to exhibit our artwork. Each year, as our membership grew to 250 members, we added more opportunities for artists who joined the MAS.

In 2006 the sitting president, Beverly Schirmeier researched the option of MAS becoming a nonprofit organization and successfully accomplished that task. A constitution and working bylaws were drawn up, creating the structure for a board of directors including up to 19 board members. Many of the original organizers of this new MAS are currently members of MAS, still creating and volunteering their time and talent.

Now, we are improving our communication skills with our members by creating a website. We are excited about this new venture and welcome your feedback as we launch.

If you can add to the history of MAS, please feel free to contact the web coordinator, Marge Casey. Much of the past history is no longer documented and so we rely on memory to fill in the blanks.

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