The Madison Art Society Town Hall Artists for May and June are Patricia Spiegelhalter and Louise Stanton both of Branford, CT. Both ladies have studied with Maureen Wilkinson and Louise has traveled throughout the United States painting and exhibiting her art. Both women are MAS board members. The Town Hall is located at 8 Campus Dr., Madison, Connecticut. The art can be viewed during business hours.

Paddy Spiegelhalter is a resident of Branford. She has studied with Mimmie Bendel, Maureen Wilkinson and Christine Chiocchio. She is a member of the Madison Art Society and on the Board of Directors. Her works have been shown in Madison, Clinton, Stony Creek and Branford. Paddy loves painting flowers, landscapes, nature and still life.


Geraniums, Oil


Louise Stanton 

Louise is a resident of Branford where she has lived for over 50 years. She took up painting after retiring from a career in nursing. Louise has always loved art, especially impressionism.

Louise first began painting watercolors, studying with Maureen Wilkinson and then changed to concentrate on oils. She is currently studying with Margaret B. Dean. Louise and Maggie attended a workshop with Kevin Macpherson in Taos and is very influenced by his work. She has also attended several workshops with David Lussier on Monhegan Island, which is a favorite place for her to paint. She has painted in Alaska and Arizona while visiting friends. Louise had a solo exhibit at the Martha Link Walsh Gallery and has exhibited in Stony Creek with Maureen Wilkinson’s painting group and on the Branford Green at the Branford Art Festival sponsored by Yvonne Gordon Moser. Louise is a member of the Madison Art Society where she is a board member and to the Clinton Art Society.


Harkness in Spring, oil