Bob Noreika 2 day workshop Branford CT

Paint Bold with Confidence – 2 Day workshop with Bob Noreika

Saturday – Sunday August 3-4, 2019

at Linda S. Marino Art Studio and Gallery

183 Montowese Street, Suite G, Branford, CT

Paint Bold with Confidence Workshop is perfect for those who feel their work is “too tight” or lacks a clear direction. Bob will demonstrate in acrylics but students are welcome to work in watercolors or oils. If weather permits we will work mostly outdoors, otherwise we will work in the studio.

For over 30 years Bob has developed such a unique approach to creating his magnificent masterpieces that  gracefully flow from contemporary realism to a colorful abstraction. You’re sure to find a playfulness about his work  but don’t let that fool you, his knowledge and proficiency is rooted in a highly developed and keen sense of color and design mastery.  A signature style that has won him numerous awards, and loved by so many of his fond collectors. colleagues and beloved students.

Bob will shares his signature “fluid” painting method in this 2 day workshop starting with a demo the first morning so students can truly see the full painting process. Including the way he quickly composes a thumbnail sketch as his guide, determines shape and shadow patterns and adds finishing details that bring a fresh and energetic feel to his work.

Bob will demonstrate in acrylics to show the versatility acrylics have to offer from working thin on paper like watercolors to thin applications of paint like oils. Students can work in watercolors, acrylics or oils. This workshop focus less about the materials and more on building the student’s confidence through understanding basic and foundational design, color harmony and strong confident brushwork.

Bob has an incredible ability to spontaneously see the big picture and transfer it onto paper by assessing different values and colors to create a painting, not an illustration. Students will learn to take the essence of the subject and transform it into a pleasing painting, while achieving strong, cohesive value patterns with interesting shapes.

Students of all levels, including beginners, will enjoy working with Bob in a structured and accommodating, yet humorous and fun atmosphere. After completing this workshop you approach your next piece with confidence and a clear direction!

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