Creations While In Quarantine

Updated weekly, this gallery contains works by MAS artists created during this period of social distancing.  Keep creating!


Oil, 12 x 12

Steven Pynn

“Lifting Mist”


Phyllis Bevington



Beverly Schirmeier

“View of Joshua Cove from Rose Cottage”

Acrylic on Canvas, 10 x 10

Nikki Travaglino


Diane Podrat


“Collecting Papyrus on the Nile”

Watercolor and Casin, 9 x 12

James Durkin

“Harkness Park”

Oil on Aluminum, 12×12

Amy Fissell

“Taking a Walk”

Mixed Media

Marianne Dietz

“In It to Win It”


Bob Dietz

“Holding on Tight”

12”x12” oil on canvas
Debbie Greco

“Out of the Woods”


Kristine Schavi

“The Composition”

Oil on Canvas

Patty Meglio


Oil, 16 x 20
Marilee B. Noonan


“Nite Life”

Acrylic, 12 x 16

Jay Babina

“Forsythia with a Striped Cloth”

Jeanne O’Brien

“Three Chicks”

Oil, 8 x 10

Hilary Griffin

“Still Life With Lemons”

Cheryl Sorenson