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Artist Statement:  “I paint nature since it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Since my study in art school in Russia and later my move to the US, particularly Plein air painting, all of these helped me stay connected to the traditions of the Russian school of realism. It helped me explore this absolutely beautiful country. Plein air gave me a unique opportunity to find myself, and I am happy that I was honored to possess a talent in this field. So, my choice is to share my vision of this wonderful world with people across the borders and generations” (Zufar Bikbov)

BIO:  Born in Russia in the suburb of Kazan, the hometown of Nikolai Fechin, Zufar started taking drawing and painting classes at age nine. Zufar was eleven when he painted his first few works en plein air at his art school. He fell in love with landscape painting and started exploring the language of painting from direct observation.  Zufar built an excellent foundation from hundreds of hours in studio and plein air classes for drawing, painting, composition, sculpture, and wood. After high school, he chose the profession of a physician, and for over ten years he dedicated himself to his studies and to his surgical residency, after which he decided to move to the United States.  In his new homeland, he chose to be an artist, and his painting and his art kept him mentally and financially afloat.  His Russian heritage, reflected in his paintings, and classical training make him an excellent teacher.  With passion, he connects two great cultures in his art.


Awards:  Zufar has accumulated a long list of awards and has shown at art shows coast to coast. His most prized accomplishments are his Awards and Medals of Merit from Hudson Valley, Lyme, Kent, and Laguna Plein Air Painters Associations. His favorite award at any art show is an Artist’s Choice Award, selected by peer artists at the show, and Zufar is honored to have received a number of them at plein air competitions. His favorite event is Plein Air Easton.

Teaching:  As an educator, Zufar believes in the importance of teaching to progress society in terms of both science and culture. Having teaching experience in both  medicine and art, Zufar says: ”I clearly understand that in my classes student’s problems are in the main focus above my level of artistic mastery. Along with technical secrets revealed I do my very best to help my students see improvement of quality if their works during the class. They leave my workshops inspired and equipped with skills. I give them true confidence on the long way of an artistic journey.”

Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society
Lyme Art Association
Kent Art Association
Laguna Plein Air Painters Association
Professional Union of Artists of Russia
Susan Powell Fine Art