Member Gallery

Valerie Andrews

“Elemental Peace”

Dina Belyayeva

“Go With Flo”

Michelle Brewster

Jay Babina

“Crab Fisherman”

Kathleen Burnett

Sandra Chase

Sam D’Ambruoso

“Fenn Barns”

Margaret B Dean

Mary Danenberg

Jim Durkin


Donna Dubreuil Favreau

“Winter’s Lightr”
oil,18 x 14

Bob Ferraro

“Double Trouble”

Amy Fissell

“Meig’s Point”

Elena Gerard

“Train Conductor”

Rose Mary Gates

“The Grand Green Wave”

Ellen Gregory

“Downtown Snow”

Hilary Griffin

“Stairs and Stripes”

Nancy Hinchion


Angelica Hoffman

Jennifer Holmes

“Treasure Hunters”

Michele Hughes


Melissa Imossi
“First to Flower”

Gail Ingis, ASID

“Perfect Day at the Beach”

Ann Kelly

“Waterfall Magic”

Cheryl Kling

Bruce Lighty

Edward Lent

Thomas Mayer

Patty Meglio

“Rising From the Mist”

Judith Meyers

“Between a Rock and a Hard Place”

Lori Neumann

Jeanne O’Brien


Lou Paffumi

Liane Philpotts



Steven Plaziak

Jan Prentice

‘What We Have In Common”

Liane Philpotts



Jan Prentice

‘What We Have In Common”

Liane Philpotts



Barbara Rossitto

“Poppies by the Cove”

Diana Rogers

“Windy Day in the Wetlands”


Claudia Schechter


Beverly Schirmeier


Deb Simon



Ceal Swift



Regina Thomas



Cynthia Stannard


Len Swec

‘Museum Cafe”



Nikki Travaglino

“Aqua Chrome”


Alex Wetmore


Rosemary Webber


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