August 23rd, Augur Farm, North Branford

Larry Augur Farm, North Branford, CT. Sunflower field.

Parking available.

Address and Directions :

Augur Farm, North Branford, CT, 298 Forest Rd. (Rte. 22), North Branford , CT
Rt 80 S into N. Branford. You will encounter a traffic light at Rt 22 on your left. Continue on Rt 80 and the at the next light you will be at the Rt 139 junction (Dairy Queen on the corner) Continue on Rt 80 about a mile and at the next light take a right on the continuation of Rt 22. About 2 miles you will see the police station and then a large ball field on the left. Pull into the entree right after the ball field and park to the right. You will walk across the field to the farm.