August 18th, Foote Park, Indian Neck Ave, Branford, Ct


This is a beautiful park with nice landscape scenes and waterfront scenes of boats, marshlands, and the Branford River. 

Parking and facilities are available.

Directions:  Exit 54, I-95, Branford, Cedar Street.  From Guilford, take a left at the end of the exit. (take a right coming from New Haven). Go to the light and proceed straight as far as you can go. You will hit Main Street. Take a left and bear right at the fork (S. Main) and you will go down the back side of the Green. Go to the end. Take a right at the end of the green on Rt 146 (Montowese St).

Go through one stop sign and under the RR bridge and continue on until you hit the next stop sign. You will be at a “V” junction with a garage on your right. Take a sharp right onto Indian Neck Ave.

Take your first left, Melrose Avenue. Foote Park is at the end of the street. Park in the lot and walk along the tennis courts down to the water views.  For non-Branford residents, there is plenty of parking just outside of the park entrance