Winter MAS Newsletter 2020

Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold!   MAS Activities will warm your soul this winter!
Happy New Year MAS!  Hoping that the holiday season was joyous with lots of time well spent with loved ones and friends, and hopefully lots of time spent with your paints, too!   For  members  who may not have heard the news, a brand new board of directors was installed in October 2019.  Your 2020  board of directors is comprised of Hilary Griffin-President, Cheryl Sorensen-Co-VP, Jeanne O’Brien-Co-VP, Linda McCarthy-Treasurer, Elena Gerard and Christine Drago -Secretary, and Jim Durkin and Janine Robertson-Co-Exhibition Chairs.  Alyssa Ingram handles Membership, Jennifer Corcoran runs our Publicity, Jen Thompson is our webmaster, Marianne Dietz organizes our Demos/Critiques/Art Lectures, and Steven Pynn coordinates Town Hall Artists.  Bill Colrus, Melissa Imossi, and Mark Hough round out our board of directors, each bringing  special talents and new ideas to keep things fresh at MAS.
Speaking candidly, looking back on our period of uncertainty last year about the future  leadership of MAS, Marge Casey, our former president, tried to gently encourage and prod one of us to succeed her, but we were a stubborn crew, or course, daunted by the idea of  one individual taking the helm.   As things came down to the wire and I looked at the group of board members around me, accepting the position of president only seemed natural, and I am so grateful to the other board members who stepped up to the other important leadership roles, especially our two Co-VP’s, Cheryl Sorensen and Jeanne O’Brien!!! The MAS board is a team of people who share a love of art, and a desire to encourage others to nurture their creative pursuits. With a team of such talented, dedicated board members, the job of running MAS together is going smoothly BECAUSE of them!   Throughout this newsletter, you will see how busy the board has been scheduling programs and shows to keep your creativity and productivity fired-up through the cold, long winter months.

Membership dues should be paid by January 31st, 2020, in order for you to participate in all of our fabulous artistic offerings.  Do not delay- please mail $25 payment to MAS – Linda McCarthy, PO BOX 1383, Madison, CT, 06443.  Your dues provide you access to art exhibition opportunities with cash prizes, art receptions, demos, critiques, lectures, your website linked to the MAS website, plein air and indoor painting programs, and so much more! You just received a membership dues form in the mail so send it in asap. Thank you to Alyssa Ingram for handling our Membership duties and the Linda McCarthy for handling our treasurer duties!

MAS Newsletter deadline for submitting information will be the 22nd of each month.  Please send us any information that you would like MAS to share about you and your artistic accomplishments, be it a show, classes that you offer or awards you may have won.  If you don’t tell us, we will not know to celebrate you and advertise your success, which is what we are all about at MAS!  Our newsletters will continue to be posted on our website,, and sent via email to keep you informed of news and events. Please send all information that you would like posted to the website by the 22nd to  Please thank Jen Thompson for so deftly handling our website duties.

Winter Studio is coordinated by Cheryl Sorensen and Elena Gerard and is held at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Madison and we thank them  both for facilitating this special group of twenty-one painters!  We meet on Monday January  6th   for 10 weeks, where each week 3 artists bring in a still life set-up, from which the artists choose one to paint.  After several hours of painting we break for lunch, paint some more and spend the last hour in a critique.  There was a wonderful newspaper article recently in the publication The Source on Dec 26th, which described the Winter Studio program, explaining that while many people may slow down in the winter, the MAS artists are very productive, painting beautiful pieces of art week after week.   The program is currently at capacity but substitutes are still needed.  If a person is unable to attend, they will contact you and you can go in their place, reimbursing them $6.  If you would like to be a substitute, please contact Cheryl Sorensen,

Town Hall Artist Shows are coordinated by Steven Pynn,, who we sincerely thank for handling this duty!   Two MAS artists share a hallway and hang roughly 6 paintings for two months.   For the months of January and February, Linda Marino and Betsy Evarts will have their paintings on display.  As a featured Town Hall artist, it is possible that there will be newspaper photos and write-ups about you and the show in local newspapers, so it is a great opportunity for exposure!  Contact Steve immediately to sign-up! And a big thank you to Jen Corcoran for making sure that MAS and MAS individual members get some great press in the newspapers to keep the public informed of all of our exciting events!

45th Annual Member Show is one of our highlight events of the year. This year it will be held at the Henry Carter Hull Library in Clinton.  Special thanks to Janine Robertson and Jim Durkin, the Member Show co-chairs for organizing this show!   Mark your calendars for Receiving on Sat., February 1, 2020, 10:30-12:30am, a reception Sat. Feb 8, 1:30-3:30,  and pick-up Feb. 29, 10am-12:30pm .  A Popular Award will be selected by attendees of the reception with a $100 prize.    Go to the website and click on the link for the show prospectus or bring the one that was sent in the mail, completed, to Receiving.  Any questions, please  contact Janine Robertson, or Jim Durkin, .

Demos/Art Lectures are being organized by Marianne Dietz, who already has some dates on the calendar for us.  We are lucky to have Marianne, with her thorough organizational skills and willingness to give of her time!  Alan James, accomplished watercolor artist, is planned for June 11th, 6-8pm, at the Madison Senior Center.  We also have Jacqueline Jones, talented oil painter, confirmed for March 25th, 6-8pm at the Madison Senior Center.   More artists and dates to come!

The MAS Juried Show 2020 will be held in August, back at our-long-time home, The Scranton Library. There is an enthusiastic buzz among Madison and shoreline residents about  the July 2020 Ribbon Cutting, brand new gallery spaces for MAS and opening events and celebrations, all which will coincide with our Juried Show!   You can see the impressive progress that the construction project is making when driving by the library in downtown Madison.  Stay tuned for more details!

In Memoriam
It is with sadness that we announce the death of John Tubb, dedicated member of MAS, former board member, talented painter, and overall the kindest of men.  We also share the sad news of the passing of Mary LaForge, a long-time member of the MAS, a nationally acclaimed painter and truly good friend to many. Lastly, we regret to inform you that Carl Puleo recently passed away, another very involved member of the MAS family. Carl, along with his wife Marilyn, who predeceased him, both enjoyed drawing and painting.   Carl was known for his spirituality, kindness and gentleness.

Please be sure to reach out to us and stay connected through these Winter months.  Start to think about what painting you will enter into the 45th MAS Member Show, be sure to come out to our Jacqueline Jones Demo in March and sign-up be a substitute artist for Winter Studio.   We expect to see you at many of our upcoming events because you help make MAS one of the best art organizations near and far!

Hilary Griffin
President, Madison Art Society