Our Team

Board of Directors 2018-2019

Officers serve for 24 months. The term of office may be extended for more than one term by a majority vote of the board of directors and the applicant’s willingness to serve another term. MAS currently does not have a vice-president.

Sally Brown, Co-Treasurer

Stuart Lerner, Co-Treasurer

Hilary Griffin, Secretary

Bill Colrus

Jim Durkin

Mike Eagle

Elena Gerard (Publicity)

Linda McCarthy

Marilee B. Noonan (Demonstrations)

Jeanne O’Brien

Janine Robertson

Cheryl Sorensen (Membership)

Patricia Seekamp (Town Hall Artist Coordinator)

Louise Stanton

Patricia Spiegelhalter

Seated left to right: Jeanne O’Brien, Jim Durkin, Cheryl Sorensen, Hilary Griffin
Standing Left to right: Patricia Seekamp, Paddy Spiegelhalter, Marilee B. Noonan, Louise Stanton, Marge Casey, Bill Colrus, Sally Brown, Mike Eagle, Stuart Lerner, Linda McCarthy.
Not pictured: Elena Gerard and Janine Robertson