Town Hall Artists

Congratulations to our Town Hall Artists for March and April 2020, Liz Attebery and Maude Schmidt.


 Liz grew up on the North Shore of Long Island and has enjoyed drawing since childhood. After graduating from college, she lived in New York City for 10 years, working as a secretary by day and taking evening classes in life drawing at the Art Students League with the illustrator, painter, and war correspondent and artist John Groth. His method consisted of sketching action scenes with rapid, unperfected strokes that he enhanced with watercolor.

In 1970, Liz rode the rapids of the Colorado River in a four-man raft. It was a life-changing experience that led to more outdoor adventures in the Southwest and an eventual move to New Mexico, where she married a petroleum geologist and began a career as a reporter and photojournalist. Although she sketched occasionally, Liz’s favorite activity in those days was documenting the people and scenes of Santa Fe, Taos, and the Navajo Reservation with a notebook and her Nikon cameras.

Since returning to the East Coast in 1990, Liz has worked as a staff writer for Wesleyan University and a free-lancer for Reuters, The New York Times, Yale University, and several other publications. Now retired, she has given up writing to focus on drawing and watercolor.   Reflecting the influence of John Groth, her favorite subjects are people, rendered with a combination of pen and ink and watercolor.




Maude Schmidt was born in Pittsburgh.  She spent early married years in Northport, LI, NY.  She has been in Guilford and Madison, CT for thirty years.  She was a stay-at-home mom.  She started painting when the last child went off to school.

She painted with oils for several years.  Then she went to a demonstration of Lucy Taylor doing watercolors and fell in love with the  “wet on wet”  flow of the medium!  Lucy Taylor painted very wet and let her colors fuse. Maude has done workshops with Mel Stabin, Skip Lawrence, Sterling Edwards and Chuck MacLachlan.