MAS OIL-COLD WAX DEMO Supplies for Oil & Cold Wax paintings: Updated 11/20/2020


Supplies for Oil & Cold Wax paintings: Updated 11/20/2020

16 oz. can of Gamblin Cold Wax. Keep covered when not in use. When mixed with paint, use wax paper to cover the paint mixture and secure the edges. Paint should remain good for about a week.

140 lb. watercolor paper, either hot or cold press. Both are fine for this medium.

Oil Paint (AC Moore or Michaels both sell oil paints that are fine for the class)  But if your preference is Charvin or Gamblin etc. they will work as well.

Blick Studio Wood Panels (if the class calls for cradled panels) They come in various sizes. I would suggest a 12”x16” or 12”x12”, 1-1/2” thick to begin, but it’s your choice. No matter the size, the outer edges of the panel must have blue painters tape attached to keep them free of paint and the panel must be gessoed two to three times each.  

Squeegees (Messermeister Silicone bowl scrappers) These are the best. Go directly to their website The edge of the scrapper isn’t rigid, it gives and spreads Oil & Cold Wax medium freely over paper or panel.

Princeton Catalyst Silicone scrapper #6 (The next best thing can be found on Amazon)

1” Blue Painter’s Tape (This is used to create a border when working on paper)

1-1/2” Blue Painter’s Tape (Used to protect the sides of a cradled panel while gesso is applied and remains while painting is created)

Freezer Wrap is used for your palette (Glossy side up)

Wax Paper is used to cover Oil & Cold Wax medium while not in use.

Paper Towels, lots and lots of paper towels (sorry about this, but rags are combustible)

Cheese Cloth and Tissue Paper (they are fabulous mark making tools)

Brayers both hard and soft.

Small Knitting Needles (used for asemic writing) Writings that have no meaning.

Citra Solv on-line at Blick or Jerry’s.   Only purchase Citra Solv C leaner & Degreaser. The cleaner alone won’t work.

Jacquard pigments (make certain you are working with non-toxic pigments)

Oil pastels, soft pastels, R&F oil sticks, glitter, paper, ribbon, newspaper etc.

Crafter’s Workshop Embossing folders sets, Darice Embossing folders (Crackle design) and many others found on Amazon.(Honeycomb, Chicken Wire, Fish Net, Geometric shapes etc) Some can be found at Michaels too.


Always feel free to email me any questions you may have.  

I hope all of this reaches you successfully, if not let me know and I will try it again. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.